9 Independent Digital Marketing Masterclasses

The Fuel Your Business Growth Masterclasses are advanced strategy sessions meant for professionals with 3 years experience in Digital Marketing. It’s definitely not for beginners.

We have 9 independent modules combined Into 5 Easy-to-Action Packages That Accelerate Your Business Growth.

Fuel Your Business Growth is an Exclusive Digital Marketing Masterclass Series brought to you by Pigtail Pundits. There is nothing close to it in India.

  1. The Model To Understand Communications
  2. Content for different stages of the Buyer Journey
    Copy, Content of Value
  3. 6 factors to consider when you build websites
  4. Building the content envelope around the Sales Page
  5. 2 Technologies essential for Websites
  6. Sell Page using storytelling frameworks
  7. How to build an effective Offer
  8. Formulas for Writing Content
  9. How to Build The Sales Funnel, components, workflows.

  1. Learn 3 powerful frameworks that persuade and sell
  2. Craft messaging like a pro
  3. Examples of copy in action on 5 different websites
  4. Models for writing emails, social media posts, videos, cold emails, lead magnets, case studies… the works
  5. Write to the sales funnel

  1. How to useheuristics and observable methods to analyze your competition?
  2. How to use data analytics to discover the channel mix, visits, traffic, PPC keywords, PPC Groups and more of your biggest competitors?
  3. How to spot gaps in your competition and your brand to create a strategy that’s superior to what everyone’s doing.

Step-by-step methods with templates for analysis provided.

  1. What intricacies and nuances in PPC should marketers focus on
  2. How do you do keyword research for PPC to win
  3. What are the different types of keywords and how do you use them?
  4. Is there a revolutionary method to think of PPC ads that lowers CPL and improves the quality of leads?
  5. How do you write and test ads?
  6. How do you remarket with intelligence and reduce wastage?
  7. What’s the ideal mix of media that you can use for different stages of buying.

Complete ad frameworks, sample ads, strategies for success in PPC provided in PDF Notes.

  1. How to cull hyper-targeted prospect addresses at scale?
  2. How to verify addresses, and email prospects for effective responses and leads.
  3. How to use tools to unearth visitor information and how to put this to use for your brand?
  4. How to write Cold Emails that are effective.
  5. How to complement Cold Email effectively with Social Advertising.

  1. How to understand the intricacies and nuances of FB Ad Strategies using funnels and remarketing?
  2. Is there a revolutionary way to test audiences revealed? How to play with audience interests for results?
  3. How to test creatives?
  4. How to kickstart a 3-month pilot program, and use the insights to scale explained.
  5. How to use cold emails effectively to reach, gain new audiences in conjunction with FB Ads?

Complete ad frameworks, sample ads, strategies for success in PPC provided in PDF Notes.

  1. Understand the 4 nuances of Keywords
  2. How To Create Keyword Vocabularies
  3. How to Map keywords to content
  4. Learn The 3 parts of Effective SEO and how to implement these
  5. Conduct Content Research Scientifically
  6. Know 3 Pillars of SEO
  7. Understand The Rules For Backlinks
  8. Find Places to Promote/Submit for backlinks

  1. What is Content Marketing? How to think about content strategically, using models?
  2. How to Think of Content Structure On Your Site: Sell, Value
  3. 5 Activities That Help You Create and Deliver Great Content
  4. How to Create Content: Types, Formats, Sources
  5. Templates for writing effective content across media

5 Fuel Your Business Growth Masterclasses

We have put together 5 Fuel Your Business Growth Digital Marketing packages that will advance your growth quickly from the independent modules below.

Included in each package are

  1. Live Webinar Training
  2. Comprehensive Notes
  3. To Do Templates as appropriate

The objective behind these masterclasses is to leave you with enough to become a process-driven expert in specific disciplines of Digital Marketing.

Building Content + Websites for ROI, 10 hrs

  1. How digital marketing works: 3 hrs
  2. How to build websites for ROI: 3 hours
  3. How to do keyword research + Content: 4 hrs


LG1: Scaling Leads with PPC or FB, 10 hrs
Lead Generation Pack 1

  1. How digital marketing works: 3 hrs
  2. Art of PPC Strategy/ or FB Strategy for ROI: 4 hrs
  3. The Art of Competitive Strategy To Get Results: 3 hrs


LG 2: Scaling Leads with Google Ads + FB + Cold Email, 20 hrs
Lead Generation Pack 2

  1. How digital marketing works: 3 hrs
  2. How to scale using Cold Email: 4 hrs
  3. The Art of Competitive Strategy To Get Results: 3 hrs
  4. Art of FB Strategy for ROI: 4 hrs
  5. Art of Google Ads Strategy for ROI: 4 hr


Content Marketing for Results: 10 hours

  1. How digital marketing works: 3 hrs
  2. The Art of Keyword Research: 4 hours
  3. Content Marketing: Search, Content, Social: 3 hrs


Content + Copywriting Models for B2B, 10 hrs

  1. How digital marketing works: 3 hrs
  2. Copy framework with examples: 2 hrs
  3. Keyword Research: 3 hrs
  4. Models for all types of content writing: 2 hrs