Get guaranteed results for your online brand.

Choose from four marketing audits that will boost your leads.

1. Improve your website sell

2. Pump up your web content

3. Lower  your PPC lead costs

4. Push up your Social Media ROI

How to inject life into your digital marketing today.

Your brand does not exist in a vacuum. You need to understand what the best in your industry do. How you stack up against them. Armed with the insights you plan a superior strategy.  Here are 4 audits that help you recover lost ground, convert more, and inject new vigor into your business.


Message Audit

Improve your website sell for a dramatic increase in conversions.

Do you have a problem with sagging or stagnant sales despite having a great product? Sharpen your product or service messaging to see results improve. A message audit will help you clarify your messaging for better results. Learn how.


Content Audit

Pump up your web content for superior results.

Is the content around your brand working for you? Would you like to get you more traffic and conversions with content online? Audit your content and let’s help you with a plan to dramatically boost traffic. Learn how.


Social Media Audit

Use social media for superior ROI.

Is your social media working for you?

How do you stack up against your competition?

What are the industry best practices that you should follow?

Audit your social media to inject life and purpose into it. Learn how.


PPC Audit

Leapfrog over your competition for less.

Are your ads and Landing Pages driving the right traffic and conversions for your brand?

Are you overspending?

Is your PPC Management optimal?

Find out how you can improve your PPC to get more bang for your buck.

What's so different about this audit?

We enable results that will help you beat your sales targets and delight your board and management.


Are you a Founder fighting competition that’s steadily eroding your business?


Are you a CEO battling to meet tough sales targets?


Are you a Marketing Director keen on squeezing the last ounce from your digital marketing budgets?

Our audits uncover the insights you need to get results for your brand. Action the findings and your results will flow.

For over 21 years, we have helped businesses, small and large, get the best out of their web marketing.

We have spent 1000s of dollars on our education - buying and reading 100s of books, attending dozens of online courses, pouring through videos of marketing pundits, and experimenting with ideas online. We know the frustration with trying hard, making mistakes, and not seeing results quickly enough.

Finally, after years of incremental successes and lots of failures, we have put together an audit framework that will move brands forward dramatically.

Clients Speak

  • Hamilton Wallace

    I am a small business marketing consultant.

    I have worked with Unni and his firm for many years. I've used them to design websites for our clients and to design mine. They give me better service than similar firms in my same city, they're more creative, they care more about the project and their fees are fair.

    I can recommend them without reservation. They are good at what they do and they are good people--a rare combination; worth going halfway around the globe to find them!

  • William Thompson

    Owner, Thompson Group Marketing

    I have worked with Unni and his firm for many years on many projects. He is an outstanding person and business partner, never faltering on his word and always going the extra mile to ensure satisfaction. Unni and his crew are consummate professionals.

  • Sandy Tapper

    Internet Marketing Consultant and Speaker | Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO, SEM) | Web Site Design & Revamp

    I have worked with Unni and his team at Pigtail Pundits for a long time because, to put it simply, they do such terrific work. Over the years, Unni has consistently provided outstanding creative, strong programming and prompt response to my projects large and small. It has been a delightful and rewarding collaboration which I look forward to continuing for a long, long time.