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How do you move the needle for your brand, online?

  • Are you flying blind, without a GPS, in your digital marketing?
  • Are you throwing ideas and actions on the wall to see what sticks?
  • Is your website telling, or is it selling? Can you improve it for better results?
  • How do you fare against your competition on critical criteria?
  • Locally, Internationally? With the best in the world?
  • How do you effectively negotiate the DM pitfalls?
  • Plus, save big on productive resources that are wasted?
  • How do you catapult your brand with elegance and economy of effort?

Invest in a digital compass. Get the answers and the directions now

4 ways this digital strategy report will help your brand

Let hard data, not hard opinions, drive your brand’s success

Monthly visits, engagement, bounce rate and more for 5 brands
From which source does traffic come for each brand

Social Media
Which social media accounts for the most traffic
What types of posts do you/ they have with what frequency?
What should you do to improve your social media strategy

Your top 100 keywords vs that of your competition
Your Domain Rating/ URL rating vs others? How do you improve this?
How many backlinks do they have? You have?
Where is the bulk of backlinks coming from, yours and theirs.
What should you do to improve your SEO Strategy

What ads do they run on: Google Search, FB, Instagram, YouTube, Google Display?
What do competitive brands in your category spend on PPC vs you?
Where would you put you monies for the best returns.

Get experienced eyes to observe and analyze your website and content.

How do 4 brand websites score on content vs you?
Get a thorough analysis of copy, design, architecture, content, funnels.

What should you do to improve your persuasion?
What copy practices should you deploy as per best practices today.

What kind of content should you focus on for better ranking, trust and authority building?
How strategic is your content compared to the best practices?
What are the gaps and how should you set this right?

What kind of funnels does your competition use vs that which you do?
What’s the gap and how do you address it.

Harness the insights into action

What should you do next in terms of priority? Use the recommendations to evolve
your website strategy, your content strategy, acquisition strategy and more..

What’s your investment?

How do you know that you are not wasting precious money on your digital marketing?

How do you know what your competitors do?

Are they better than you? On what parameters?

Is your website as good as you think it is? What can you
do to improve it and how?

What can you do on priority to move the needle for your brand?

Get the answers now without wasting any more money on
your digital marketing.

Invest in a digital marketing strategy that’s data driven and right for your brand?

Get an expert opinion on your digital strategy in plain English.
Use a data-driven, insight-brimming, honest and practical, 30+ page report, that custom-prepared for your brand. One that will transform your digital strategy. Faa…st.

Bonus 1: $499 Value
Get a 1-hr walkthrough over a Zoom Video Call that answers all your questions. An expert digital strategist will be happy to guide you forward. What’s more, we will also take all your questions over email for one week. Value: $499

Bonus 2: $499 Value
Get a 30-page eBook on how to think about your digital marketing as per best practices today. Harnesses all the best practices today for you in an easy to understand way: Value:$499

Total Value: $1497.

Get the report and bonuses now for just $1497  $499.

You have nothing to lose as this report and bonuses are backed by a 100% Iron-tight Money Back Guarantee in case you are not satisfied. This offer is only open only till 15 April 2020 and will close sooner if we get 10 confirmed enquiries. Do take advantage of it while it lasts.

Bonus 1: $499 at normal price.

1-hr walk through with a digital marketing expert.

Corral all your questions on digital marketing. These can be from the report, or outside of it.

Anything that’s troubling you and for which you want answers. Now.

Over email + over the call. For one week.

Bonus 2: $499 at normal price.

Get a 30-page document that outlines the best practices today.

These are the precise practices that high end digital agencies including Pigtail Pundits use today with clients.

These have been distilled from years of practice, reflection, reading, training and more…

We are revealing these secrets to you so that you can use it, or demand it, for your brand

  • How to research keywords the right way
  • How to think about site information architecture and navigation
  • How to create content that’s strategic, converting, and sticky
  • How to persuade using Copy Frameworks
  • How to design for results
  • How to select a Content Management System [CMS] for your website build and what should it be ideally fitted with
  • What systems do you need for marketing automation

You will know exactly what you must do for your brand and also how to go about it.

You can do this on your own, with your team, or with a digital agency.

You’d know what to ask for and expect out of your digital agency when you’re armed with this knowledge.

Why Every Brand Needs a Competitor Strategy

Small, medium, or large, brands compete in a sea of competition and substitutes.

One way to stand out from the crowd of sameness is to understand what others in the market, especially the best do, and factor this uniquely into the brand DNA.

This uniqueness gives your brand longevity and success.

Learn how to use competitive brand attributes to secure your originality.

Get your digital marketing strategy report in just 4 easy steps

Pay Rs 34,000 + taxes [Rs 41,293] via Wire Transfer if you are from India. Pay $499 via Paypal if you are an international client

Answer two short questions

Get the report in 7 days. Plus a bonus on how to think about your digital marketing.

Action it and watch your ROI

Get your digital strategy report at zero risk to you.

Our report for your brand comes wrapped in an Iron-Tight 30-day money-back guarantee.

We are so confident about what we can tell your about your brand and competition.

If for whatever reason you find the report and bonuses of no value to you, we are happy to return your money to you. Yes, you heard that right.

We will return your money if what we tell you in the report and the bonuses does not move the needle for your brand. We want you to know that we are committed to your success and will not settle for anything less.

What’s more, you get to keep the report and the bonuses.


  • Who can profit from this digital marketing report?

    Companies from every industry can benefit from this repot especially if digital marketing is critical to your business.

    If you spend anything more than $500 per month, or $6000+ pa, this digital marketing report will show you how you can optimise those spends, or spend more to get more.

    We have helped companies in the following businesses

    • SaaS Products & Services
    • B2B Marketers
    • B2C Services and Products
    • Professional Services

  • But my digital agency gives me this already

    Fair enough, but you will still see value for your money from our report.

    You will get an impartial, honest second opinion, or a more refreshing perspective from this report.

    Makes a lot of sense when it doesn’t cut into your budget and has the potential to save you a lot of money, right?

    Makes it even more compelling to receive it from experts who have spent 23+ years marketing online.

    Nails it, when it’s given without fear or favour. So give this offer a whirl.

    It costs nothing compared to the thousands of dollars you spend on digital marketing in a year.

    In fact, it will more than pay for itself by sharpening your current spends and saving you wasted money.

  • Is there a hidden up-sell in all this?

    Nope, none. This is a standalone service with zero conditions or obligations to buy anything else that we offer.

    We do offer digital marketing services at Pigtail Pundits.

    But there is absolutely no compulsion to buy any of it.

Who is behind this report?

Pigtail Pundits, a digital marketing agency, based in Mumbai and Chennai, gets you this report.

For 23 years we have been helping marketers, small and large, in India and abroad, get the best bang for their digital bucks.

For many years now we have been using these strategic reports to help 100s of clients get an edge in the digital marketing. We’re happy to do it for you too.

5 Reasons Why You Should Work With Pigtail Pundits

You get a team with 23 years of unbeatable experience on the web that…
1. Uses data and experience to inform strategies that work for you.
2. Uses storytelling and proven to work frameworks for copy and content that converts
3. Practices, teaches, writes, thinks, discusses, explores and experiments with digital marketing to get the best results for you.
4. Has unmatched expertise and experience when it comes to content, design, and marketing on the web
Is happy to be accountable for your results

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