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Build Your Authority

Kill Your Competition

How to garner more business without busting your bank.

How DFY Social Media Marketing helps you get more bang for your buck.

  1. You want to dominate social media
    Garner more leads for your business. Make your competition irrelevant.
  2. You already have some experience with social media
    But agency resources are expensive. What’s more the effort is spotty.
  3. You have been searching for a cost-effective solution
    But have not found any. You wish to move away from inconsistent services.

Ideal service for: Lawyers. Realtors. Restaurant Owners. Home Services Company. Beautician. Nutritionists.Business Service Providers.

More Visibility = More Trust = Better Prices

You provide services to customers and businesses.

The world, as you can see, is still adjusting to its new realities. But folks need your services.

The natural reaction now is to cut back on spending. Uncertainty and fear grips every one.

But the time is ripe if you wish to build authority and trust for your brand, in your neighborhood, locality, or city.

But you are happy to swim against the tide. Zag, when the world is zigging.

And crush your competition of course.

Introducing a Done-For-You Social Media Domination Service Pack

Your brand is in safe hands with experienced professionals.

  1. Be the shiniest brand in your neighbourhood
    Flood 6 channels in social media. Have more posts, in more channels, with more variety. Leave your competition biting the dust.
  2. Realise better prices
    Improve trust and authority. Realise higher prices. Be seen as an expert who provides real value to your customers.
  3. Laugh all the way to the bank
    Get a done-fo-you, professional service at a price that’s simply unbeatable. Limited time offer, so do hurry.

Check out this social media domination recipe for your brand

Our done-for-you service is designed to crush the competition and catapult your brand.

  1. Post interesting content on 6 social channels @ 4 times a day
    1. Be seen on any six channels of Facebook pages, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, WordPress, Medium, Tumblr
    2. Build your following with content that your customers love
  2. Create 2 posts per day, or 60 posts per month
    1. 1 branded service post rotated across all 9 media
    2. 1 value post in your category, from trending content with your branding and CTA
  3. Use an ideal mix of content
    1. Mix variety: videos, articles, memes, plus quotes along with branded posts
    2. Educate, entertain and humanise your brand
  4. Use deep analytics to make informed content decisions
    1. Fine-tune your social media strategy for optimal performance with deep analytics
    2. Remove the guesswork. Stop flying blind.

Why waste time on sub-optimal social media and SEO?

What is it costing your brand with sub-optimal social media activity that doesn’t cut?

How many business leads do you lose because of inadequate SEO or traffic trickles?

What is your plan to cut through the clutter of social media and SEO?

How long would you continue to pay for SEO and Social Media Marketing without seeing results?

Tough times call for tough decisions. Are you ready to take it?

Come and invest in social media that will drive results for you.
Social media and SEO dominance at less than $250 per month for 1350 posts. That’s less than 20 cents a post.

This limited offer expires on July 31, 2020.

90 days / $399
90 posts bank
5 posts per day x 6 networks x 30 days= 900 posts pm
2 animated videos pm
365 days / $1199 Save 25% on yearly buy.
180 posts bank
5 posts per day x 6 networks x 30 days = 900 posts per month
2 animated videos pm

Offer valid only until 31 July, 2020. After this period, prices will bounce back to normal.

Get $120+ pm Bonuses With Yearly Plan

Boost Your Backlinks and Power Your SEO. More power to your domination strategy. Available only with yearly plans.

  1. Get one PDF of your blog and service content posted on 5 High Authority Document Sharing Sites: Value $99 pm
  2. Rapid Indexing of all podcast and PDF links [$19 pm]
  3. Premium listing on e-bizda international business directory for one year Value $9.99 pa

That’s extra value of of $118+ pm on the one year plan that will boost your SEO rank and traffic.

Who is behind this SMM Domination Pack?

This social media marketing pack is brought to you by Pigtail Pundits, a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai and Chennai, India.

For 23 years we have been helping marketers, small and large, in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and the Middle East, get the best bang for their digital buck.

For many years now we have been using the precise social media strategies outlined here to help 100s of clients get an edge in the digital marketing.

We’re happy to do it for you too.

5 Reasons Why You Should Work With Pigtail Pundits

You get a team with 23+ years of unbeatable experience on the web that…

1. Uses data and experience to inform strategies that work for you.

2. Uses storytelling and proven-to-convert frameworks for copy and content

3. Practices, teaches, writes, thinks, discusses, explores and experiments with digital marketing to get the best results for you.

4. Has unmatched expertise and experience when it comes to content, design, social media, FB Ads, Google Ads, and guerrilla marketing on the web.

5. Is happy to be accountable for your results.

FAQs on Blog Content Writing Services

  • What we need from you?

    Your website URL
    The social channels that you use
    The writing style you prefer (provides e.g. resourceful, engaging, or personable

  • How many words are in every post?

    About 20-30 words each. This will be written in 2 formats, one for Twitter and another for FB and other media.

  • Does it matter what industry I’m in?

    No. Our writers write for all kinds of industries.

    We will research and create the best possible content for each based on best practices and your needs.

  • Do you offer revisions?

    Yes, 1 revision for the entire lot of posts.

  • Will the posts contain #hashtags?

    Yes, it will include hashtags based on our research.

  • How is the work delivered?

    We’ll upload your draft content in a .doc(x) or .rtf formats, whichever you prefer for the month.

  • Will the content be unique?

    Yes, every piece of branded and curated content will be hand-crafted from scratch.

    This will be shared with you up-front before we publish it.

  • Will you post the content developed to our social pages?

    Yes, your content will be on the 9 networks provided.

    If you don’t have a page in a social network, we will create it for you.

  • How are podcasts created and promoted?

    Your blog, or service content will be fed into a high-quality, text-to-speech converter and a podcast made of the blog.

    The audio files will be submitted to high authority podcast sites and rapidly indexed for search engines. The submission details will be shared with you at the end of the month in a report.

    This feature is available only for the yearly plan.

  • How are PDFs created and promoted?

    Your existing content on the services, or blog articles, will be converted into PDFs, complete with site links.

    The PDF will be promoted on high authority document sharing sites and then rapidly indexed for search engines. The submission details will be shared with you at the end of the month in a report.

    This feature is only available for the yearly plan.

  • How do I be certain that you will do all that you say?

    You will get a detailed report at the end of each month on what we have done for your brand.

    The report will detail social media efforts and results. It will also tell you where we have seeded your PDFs and Podcasts so that you can check the effort. The whole process is made transparent to you.

  • How do I get started?

    Simply purchase the service using the Buy button.

    You will receive a brief questionnaire when you do.
    Provide all the info needed to us.

    We’ll then be in touch via email or zoom to let you know we’re getting started. Done and done.

  • What if I have questions that are not answered here?

    We are always happy to answer questions that you may have about any of our services.

    We will use email or a face-to-face zoom meeting to answer this. Let us know what you prefer and we shall accommodate your request accordingly.

Scale Your Business in 4 Simple Steps


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Get the final service delivered to you. Revise as needed.


Close the project. Buy anew. Rinse, repeat. Look like a hero.

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