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Who can use storytelling brand copy?

  1. Do you have a problem with sagging sales online despite a great product?
  2. Do you have traffic but very poor sales?
  3. Has your online growth not taken off yet?
  4. Are you thinking of investing in a website revamp?

Clarifying your message and weaving it persuasively will help you overcome these problems.

We’ll help you sharpen your product and service messaging to ensure that your results improve dramatically.

This persuasion puts your online service, or product messaging, through a proven framework that guarantees you success.

The 5-step storytelling process that sharpens your message for results

This is what we will do for you.

  1. Analyse what you do right now on your website, and how you communicate with your customers
  2. Evaluate how your immediate competition and the best in your industry frame their messages.
  3. Research and uncover the precise motivations that make customers buy. We will prize the answers from you and from our online research.
  4. Harness the insights and frame a unique messaging strategy that we will share, discuss, and fine tune with you.
  5. Create a precise script that will clarify your message and persuade your customers to buy from you. This will the message strategy for one product or service

What are you waiting for?

Get the best storytelling brand copy from Pigtail Pundits.

We have 5 writers trained in the art of telling brand stories using direct marketing and persuasion principles.

The 7-step process for brand storytelling that converts.

  1. A Character who is the hero [this is your customer]
  2. With a problem [what the hero thinks, feels, does with regard to the category]
  3. Meets a Guide [your brand] who has empathy and authority [social proof]
  4. Who gives the hero a plan [precise steps to achieve success]
  1. Who issues a call-to-action [primary and secondary CTAs]
  2. That results in a comedy [success for the customer]
  3. Or ends in a tragedy [failure for the customer]

The art of storytelling weaves hard facts about your brand into compelling and precise messaging to achieve results.

4 simple steps to dramatically increase your online results now.

Buy the service. Log in and answer the questionnaire.

We’ll discuss this with you and tweak it

Answer the questionnaire for blog content writing from our Question Library

We’ll review your audit implementation after 90-120 days. Discuss results and tweaks.

FAQs on Storytelling Brand Copy

  • What will I get when I order this service?

    A complete conversion-driven sales script for one of your products/ services.

    One set of revisions based on your feedback

  • I have multiple services, so how will this work?

    You need to script the messaging for each service separately. The reason for this is that the audience may be different. Or the motivations to buy the service or product may be different.

    As a result, we need to research and dig out insights for different services. It’s possible that the script for additional services will have common parts from the main messaging we do for you.

    The cost for messaging the additional services will $299 for each separate services sell copy.

    We shall determine this once we speak with you.

  • For what specific services will this messaging clarity apply?

    Message clarity and scripting applies to any type of service, or product, that needs to sell and convert online. It applies to any service that wishes to stand out from the clutter online and convert prospects into leads.

    Our team is experienced in researching and writing to sell for real estate, moving companies, resorts and hotels, music royalty services, software solutions and services, digital services, international schools, pools, lasik surgery, dentists, photographers, and more.

  • Can I use the message script in other materials and media?

    Yes, you’re free to do that.

    We write for the online media, usually a web page that sells services, or a Landing Page that drives leads. The message will stay true for brochures and PDFs, and Videos as well.

    You need to pay us only if you wish to alter the script to suit the specific media.

  • Will you also design, adapt the messaging for media such as videos, PDFs, and brochures?

    Yes, we’re happy to script the sales messaging as well as execute the design for you in other media such as PDFs, Videos, Brochures, etc.

    This will be a separate service with a separate charge.

  • How long will it take to deliver one message script?

    10 days including research, insights and the actual sales script.

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