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You work hard. But, the results seem to elude you…

If you’re like most typical internet marketers, you already have a website.

You invest in PPC – Google Ads and FB Ads to drive traffic and convert.

You are trying to beat the aggressive quarterly, and annual, sales targets you have planned.

But, the truth is that despite doing everything you know and some, you do not see the results you want.

You’re just doing okay. You are too damn frustrated with the incremental pace of growth.

You want to grow faster. You’re troubled by the fact that others in your industry get much better results than you do.

You wonder how they do it. Is there a secret recipe for success in digital marketing?

Big agency success secrets, now available for small business.

Use the exact proven persuasion framework that successful agencies do for their big ticket clients.

  1. Explain clearly the reasons why the customer should choose your brand over others
  2. Understand the customer pain/ problem/ need
  3. Use the right emotion [pain avoidance is better than pleasure]
  4. Let your brand solve the pain/ problem
  5. Explain simply how the solution will work for them
  1. Show what would happen if the customer does not use your brand to solve the problem
  2. Add social proof to reinforce trust and credibility to your communications
  3. Use calls to action liberally throughout your message

You can use this in your website, your Landing Pages, why… even your emails and see your results flow.

PPC does not work for you, right? Wrong!

It’s not enough to drive customers to your Landing Page and leave them to figure out things.

You need to create Landing Pages using a proven-to-sell framework.

Wouldn’t you like to break out of your vicious cycle of low to poor sales?

Wouldn’t you like to drive your prices and your profits higher?

Perhaps, scale your business? Get better returns for the energies that
you invest into it?

The persuasion framework is just part of the story.

Obviously because Da Vinci used a chisel doesn’t mean that you will get the same result that he did.

You need to use the right words that trigger the precise emotions in your audience.

You need a simple plan for your customers to buy your product, or service. Intimidated? Excited?

To get your persuasion right, you need to combine this framework with a few other things.

You need to spell out the right benefits that your brand offers in a way that customers see the greatest value for themselves in it.

For the best effectiveness you need to use direct response advertising techniques, neuro-marketing tactics, and copy techniques that will make your customers want your product now. Intimidated? Excited?

What are you waiting for?

Get the best Landing Page Copy, Design and Execution Services from Pigtail Pundits.

Our multi-disciplinary team of SEO, Art, Direct Response Advertising, and Tech professionals
will work together with you to get your Landing Page up and
purring for traffic.

You need a done-for-you solution that simply works at a price that you can pay.

You are good at what you do.

Fashioning persuasion is not what you’re good at.

Why spend your precious time understanding how complex and even abstract frameworks help you sell better.

You’d rather leave all this to folks who know this well and get on with your work.

You just want this done for you at price you can afford.

For just $ 699 per Landing Page, we shall craft the sell for you.

Responsive. Html/css/Js or WordPress ported.

Dynamic keyword insertion script fitted.


FAQs on Blog Content Writing Services

  • What do I get for the price I pay for a Landing Page

    For a limited time, you get the following

    Persuasive, custom-written copy and design, with form for enquiry collection, and thank you page in html/css/js or WordPress template

    Responsive html/ css/ and that’s cross-browser tested

    Built-in SEO

    The art and science of creating landing pages that result in high conversions for your brand.

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