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How do you brief your agency? Or evaluate its output?

For the most part, digital marketing is a black box. Unfathomable, by marketers and agencies, alike.

Mostly, a case of the one-eyed leading the blind, down the canyon.

Strangely, the promised wings don’t grow when you jump off the cliff.

Most marketers don’t realize it till they are battle scarred.

The results are disastrous.

Tired of spending monies without any hope of recovering it?

You’d agree that to get the best output from your agency, you ought to know the rules and processes yourself.

You must set the benchmarks. You must evaluate the results objectively.

This consulting engagement with Pigtail Pundits helps you achieve ROI across multiple DM activities.

It puts you firmly in the driver’s seat. In control of your digital marketing.

It doesn’t matter if your work is in-house, or outsourced.

Save Years Of Time And Boatloads Of Expense…

With This Consulting.

Learn the best practices, processes and tools that will put you on the path to success. Faa….st!

On your own, gathering this wisdom will take you years of learning, practice, reflection, and lakhs of rupees in wasted spend. You could always follow that route like many marketers do.

You could tell stories around the fireside that showcase the bruises.

The smarter way is to simply short-circuit years of wasted time, skip the scars, and save bus loads of investments in attempting this on your own.

Use our consulting services to solve specific problems you have with your brand.

Plus train your team on topics you need to learn now. Or do a bit of both.

The choice is clear. It’s yours to make.

See What You Get With This Consulting?

This consulting is flexible.

There are a set of topics you can start with. You will get a clear idea of what you should do for your brand by the 2nd, or the 3rd session.

When this happens, based on your learning, we can customize the remaining sessions for specific interventions required for your brand.

For eg, after session 2, you may decide to vet the copywriting on specific pages on your website, or sell pages, for suggestions from our experts. This type of brand intervention can then be used to offset the balance time with us.

Or, you may want help with designing the content plan that will boost your content marketing efforts. We are happy to help with that.

Some of our clients ask for a Lead Gen training session. Followed by feedback on the execution of the plans by their team – review the strategy, the audiences, the ads, and the emails and take our recommendations.

We’re happy to help you execute your plans using the learnings we provide.

The monthly limit for this engagement is a minimum of 5 hours, or a maximum of 10 hours, based on the consulting you choose.

Check out the topics below and choose what suits you.

The Topics Covered as Part of Consulting

Learnings in Live Webinars + PDFs.
Choose from a total of 34 hrs of learning. Or mix it up with brand interventions. As you’d prefer.
How do people buy? How should marketers sell?
We take you through actionable models and insights that will help you understand how to sell better. This is an introduction to digital marketing which we recommend to all clients. This sets the stage for everything that follows.
2 hrs
How to out-think your competition
Learn the techniques to evaluate your competition using analytics and visual observation. Out think their strategy and plans. Covers tools, processes and templates for action.
4 hrs
Website Builds In-depth
An overview of the systems, processes, and best practices you need to employ on websites to make it a lead generation machine.
2 hrs
How to write copy for Landing Pages, Emails, Blogs, Ads, Lead Magnets. Learn the formulas and frameworks that allow you to focus on the message. Use proven structures that get you solid results.
4 hrs
Keyword Research
How do you conduct keyword research? How do you jump from keywords to topics seamlessly. How do you use keywords in content effectively. How do you get results?
2 hrs
Content Marketing
Discover how Search, SEO, Social Media and Content come together to produce magic for you. Keyword research and content marketing flow together.
4 hrs
Lead Generation 1
FB Ads Strategy: Framework, Processes, Templates for getting the best out of your FB Campaigns. Lower your cost per lead. Learn an in-depth, revolutionary way to think about FB Ads to get results.
4 hrs
Lead Generation 2
PPC Ads Strategy: Revolutionary strategy to get results from PPC. Framework, Processes, Templates for getting the best out of your PPC Campaigns. Lower your cost per lead.
4 hrs
Lead Generation 3
Cold email prospecting at scale for B2B companies. Learn the tools, frameworks, messaging, for driving your leads for fast growth.
4 hrs
Email Marketing & Drip feed Sequences
How to use processes and tools to build a consistent pipeline of hungry customers.
2 hrs
Sales Funnel Building
How to think of and build a Sales Funnel for your business. What to do to make it effective. Processes, tools, frameworks for thinking and action.
4 hrs

6 Unique Reasons To Grab This Consulting Offer, Now


Access 36 years of expertise distilled into 34 hours for you

Imagine 36 years immersed in marketing communications. 23 years of it in the online world, working on 750 projects for clients across the world.

Save $$$$$ + hrs/ hrs/ hrs

Visualize 1000s of hours practice, training, reflection, and assimilation. Distill its essence. Get priceless, practitioner-led wisdom. It will save you precious money and get to the market fast.

Get Flexible, Mix & Match Consulting

Use the Consulting Service to learn the best practices in several key topics you wish to know more about. And then use the balance time to solve specific DM challenges that you face.

Mix both, as you’d prefer.

Taste Just 5 Hours Or Take All 34 Hours

You would require 34 hours consulting, over 3-6 months, to cover all the topics, in depth and for action.

We request you to choose what is most relevant for your brand from these, limited to 5-10 hours per month. Or, choose all to be delivered over 3-6 months. Minimum commitment is just for 1 month.

Consume It At Your Speed

  1. Training is delivered conveniently over Zoom at a time-slot you choose
  2. 60 minutes per session x 5 session of pure value and action +
    60 mins briefing free.
  3. Even if you take just 5 hours, you can consume it slowly, or fast, as you like. No time limits.

Supplement the Live Webinar with PDF Notes

  1. Get live video training with PDF notes for action templates, process outlines, best practices to reinforce the Live Webinars.
  2. Each PDF is a complete, actionable guide for you and your team to take-off on your own with the best practices under your belt.

What or clients say

Hamilton Wallace
I am a small business marketing consultant.

We have worked with Unni and his people at Pigtail Pundits for over a decade.

I’ve used them to create sites for me and for my clients. I can recommend them without reservation.

They provide tremendous value for the price, they are reliable, creative and they always add something to each project.

If digital is important to you, you can’t have a better partner than Unni and his people.

What is Your Investment?

Your costs of digital marketing now

What’s the total money you spend in ads and website builds learning, or trying to understand, Digital Marketing?

What’s the return on it?

What if you could convert more, and earn more, with the same spend?

How do you fare versus your competition? Or are you running blind?

What could you improve from your digital marketing channel mix and how?

You can do this on your own – you’d need to read 100s of books, spend 1000s of hours reflecting and barking up the wrong tree, make mistakes and waste precious money. You could still go wrong at the end of it.

Consulting from Pigtail Pundits guarantees to change your DM fortunes. Fast.

Your savings from smarter consulting investments

Only Rs 37,500 + taxes
for up to 5 hours of consulting per month.

Only Rs 70,000 + taxes
for up to 10 hours of consulting per month.

Minimum commitment is just one-month, or 5 hours, as you prefer.

You will also get up to 60 minutes FREE time for one briefing and intro meeting, on top of the 5/ 10 hours of pure value.

Open to just 5 select clients, each month. We cannot take on more.

Who is the consultant?

Drawing on 23 years of expertise in building over 750 websites for businesses all over the world, Krishnan Unni, Founder-Director at Pigtail Pundits, helps you understand what is wrong with websites today and shows you how to transform it for success.

Prior to the web, Unni was in advertising for 13 years working with some of the top brands in India. 

Unni is first and foremost a student and practitioner of digital marketing. Then, an insightful teacher who can break down complex marketing concepts into easy action steps. That is a rare skill in digital marketing that’ll put you on the path to profits.

The essence of 36 years of marketing communications practice is being shared with you in this 2-hour webinar.

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