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Is your WordPress site messed up?

Afraid to upgrade it yourself?

Or have you got your upgrade terribly wrong?

No need to fret. We have got you covered!

Our team of WP CMS experts will be happy to upgrade your site or clean up your mess without fuss.

4 things you get with your WP CMS Upgrade

1. WordPress core upgrade
2. WordPress plugin upgrades, which include some premium plugins saving you $$$.
3. WordPress site speed optimization which includes caching plugins which make your site blazing fast.
4. WordPress security optimization which safeguards your site from hackers.

19-step Checklist for WordPress CMS Upgrade

Upgrade WordPress the right way. Reduce grief.

  1. Take a backup of the current cms wordpress website files
  2. Take a backup of the database
  3. Ensure that the backups are usable. Not corrupted.
  4. Make a list of all plugins and the themes used on your website.
  5. Remove plugins or themes that are no longer used on your website.
  6. Copy the site to a development server and update it there
  7. Clear any previous cache or deactivate any caching plugin you use.
  8. Scan the site using malware plugins to ensure there are no vulnerabilities
  9. Clean up the database of version using DB Optimize
  10. Update core CMS using the automatic method in the WP dashboard or manually. Check the website for any issues because of the Core Upgrade.
  11. Upgrade the plugins one by one and test after each plugin is updated for issues
  12. Once all plugins are upgraded, check if there are any issues on the website, once again
  13. Upgrade the theme. Recommended only if there is a child theme. Don’s do this if the child theme is not present as you’ll override custom CSS via an update.
  14. After upgrading the theme, check the website functionality once again for any issues.
  15. Add dummy pages /posts and ensure they are working properly. Check if all the short codes are working.
  16. If you get recommendations for php upgrade, then try upgrading to latest php versions.
  17. It is more secure, bug free and  speeds up performance. Minify css /js /defer javascript parsing, optimize images, enable compression.
  18. Do a site speed test after the upgrade.
  19. Fit a Security Plugin if not already present

Read the FAQs. Start your WP Upgrade today.

  • Why does your website need an upgrade and speed up?

    The first thing that you need to know about web applications is that it is never a Build It and Forget It technology.

    Technology evolves. CMSs evolve too. Open Source development is continuous and the applications need to be upgraded often.

    What happens with your web application code:

    Your WP website is a web application that’s constantly evolving and dynamic

    1. Its code gets refactored and improved over time with new technology
    2. Many code vulnerabilities that come to light are fixed
    3. User-tested feedback is factored into the application to improve it
    4. New features get added to the existing code to make it do more
    5. Plugins are added to improve the performance, caching and optimization of your website

    As a result of all this the core application, or CMS, on which your website is built, usually upgrades every month.

    Plugins too need to be upgraded, though less often.

    Load speed is a must for better ranking by Search Engines.

    Best practices require that your website follow these rules:

    1. CSS/ HTML/ JS files are minified and zipped for a better browser experience
    2. All your site images are optimized
    3. For mobile sites, images have to be scaled to different sizes to load faster apart from making the site responsive
    4. JavaScripts need to be placed at the bottom of the page

    The extent to which the above is done, or not done, is reflected in your page scores.

    You can check the page scores for your website here:, right now.

    If your website takes longer than 5 seconds to download, you have a speed optimization problem that could affect your profits seriously.

    Page Speed affects your ranking on Google. This is in turn affects your traffic. Traffic in turn affects your profits.

  • What happens if you don't upgrade your website?

    Well, the worst-case-scenario is that you become the target of hackers, malware injections, code vulnerabilities, and other serious performance issues.

    Your host may decide to switch your site off if it’s malware infected. Your business could suffer as a result.

    What we have also noticed is that if you wait too long to upgrade, then chances are, that your theme may break on the upgrade and conflicts may occur with scripts used.

    Often, you might have to write-off the old site and invest in a new one. All this dramatically increases your costs.

    The choice you as a website owner has is simple:

    1. Upgrade it now for as little as $149 with select premium plugins included
    2. Or wait and upgrade it later at our regular rates of $199

    At some time, you will be forced to upgrade if you wish to keep the site in good order. Especially if inquiries and leads flow to you from your website.

    The recommended practice is to upgrade your WP website once every 3 months if you are serious about your business.

  • What does the Site Upgrade and Speed Up entail?

    Well, we will manually upgrade all the core application first, and then all the attendant plugins which are used on your website.

    The plugin list itself on most WordPress websites is considerable:

    • Forms
    • SEO Plugins
    • eStore Plugin
    • Caching & Performance Optimization Plugins
    • Backup Plugins
    • Admin Helpers Plugins
    • Image and Video Galleries
    • JQuery scripts which are responsible for animation effects
    • SEO helper code, etc

    Forms, SEO, eStore, Caching & Performance Optimization, Backup, Admin Helpers, Galleries, JQuery scripts, SEO helpers, etc, all may need to be upgraded.

    A few premium plugins such as Gravity Forms in WordPress, or Forms/ Caching, will be upgraded at no extra charge.

    That would mean more saving from $39 to $120, at no extra charge to you.

    Plus, we are happy to add automatic site promotion plugins at no extra costs.

    Other premium plugins that are part of your website may have expired and you’d have to renew their license if you wish to continue with the site upgrade.

    Usually commercial licenses are valid for just for one year from their date of purchase and we will have to check if any of these can be upgraded for free, or if we have it in our library.

    We will also perform Google Page Speed tests on your web application and tweak the application for faster loading.

    You will be able to notice a positive difference in page scores/ load times, after this upgrade effort.

    Once all this is done in a production environment, we still take the site live and test it all over again.

  • What is exact process that we will follow for upgrading your website?

    The safest method is to

    • Backup your website application
    • Load it on a test server
    • Upgrade the core to the latest CMS version
    • Test it for issues and correct if any
    • Upgrade plugins, one at a time
    • Test after each plugin is upgraded and correct it as needed
    • Check for CSS issues and correct it as needed
    • Check for JS conflicts and correct it as needed
    • Check for speed issues and sort these out
    • Show you the site on your test server with page speed scores
    • Make the site live and test again for any issues

    Why can’t you use the one-click upgrade offered in WordPress?

    While WordPress does offer one-click upgrades, we have observed that this often breaks your website because of deprecated code.

    It is therefore not an advisable strategy for site upgrades, especially between upgrade versions.

    We discovered a few months ago that the auto site upgrade had made the Case Studies pages one of our websites on Pigtail Pundits disappear completely.

    Two, WordPress auto site upgrade is only available for the core, not the plugins.

    Often plugins are where the vulnerabilities occur in WordPress and there is no one-click upgrade for that.

  • How much time does a website CMS upgrade and speed up normally take?

    Well, from our experience about 15 hours, depending on the problems we encounter during the upgrade and optimization, or $199.

    But until 30 November 2020,, we’re happy to do it for a charge of just $149.

    That’s 25% off from our normal rates to get your site in purring, Google-loving, hacker-malware-vulnerability-free condition.

    You can take advantage of this offer till 30 November 2020.

    Yes, you can invite your friends too to take advantage of this offer and profit from it.

  • How quickly can we upgrade and optimize your website?

    If you commit and pay before 30 November 2020, we shall give you schedule in advance and stick to it.

  • Will my WP theme be upgraded to the latest version?

    No, this offer does not include theme upgrades. There is a reason for this.

    Most designers modify the WP theme directly. When this is so a theme upgrade will overwrite all the custom modifications that your designer has built for you. The site layout, look and feel will then go completely awry as a result of theme upgrades.

    Theme upgrades are recommended only when your designer has strictly used a child theme for making modifications. But for reasons of time, and often ignorance of best practices, this is ignored by most designers.

    It’s also possible that many different designers have worked on your site over time. Each has his or her own way of working with the main and the child themes and now it’s a mix of modifications using inline, main theme, and child theme mods.

    All this makes theme upgrades very messy and the possibility of ruining the site’s look and feel.

    So it’s wise to keep the old theme as it is.

  • How do you take advantage of this offer?

    You need to pay 100% advance for the site upgrade + speed up + theme + security + sharing/ promotion plugins

    You can avail it for just one site, or all the WordPress sites that you host

    You can even extend this to other clients that you know, or your friends.

    The service expires on November 30, 2020 and will not be available thereafter.

  • Will this offer be extended?

    No. This offer will end on 30 November 2020. The last time we had this offer was in 2019.

    So do hurry. As we said you have 90 days to use up this offer. So you can buy your January 2021 upgrade today!

  • Are there any conditions to this offer?

    Yes, there are a few, so read this carefully

    • If your site is too old there may be issues with the upgrade. We will tell you if this is so and therefore what you should do about it.
    • Theme upgrade is not part of this offer for reasons explained already.
    • You need to have a working WordPress website for availing this Upgrade offer. Websites built on other CMS platforms are not part of this offer.
    • Broken sites or sites with issues right now will not be considered until these are fixed.
    • If your site has a lot of custom programming within WordPress, this offer is not for you. This is why we would like to check your site before considering your eligibility for this offer.

  • Why should I do my WordPress site upgrade with Pigtail Pundits?

    With over 700+ projects under our belt, and having built 100s of custom sites in WordPress, we know what it takes to upgrade your WordPress site.

    After all, we have been building and repairing sites built on WordPress since 2005.

    Our clients include many from India, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

  • Well, I'm ready, what do I need to do next?

    Buy the service using the Add to Cart above.

    Send us your site address after you buy the service.

    Relax while our experts take a backup and start the upgrade and speed up.

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