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Introducing: Fuel Your Business Growth Masterclass

Fuel Your Business Growth is an exclusive Digital Marketing Success Program for Business Owners, Startups, DM Managers and Execution Teams.

In this online masterclass, you and your team will benefit from no-bullshit, breakthrough growth practices and processes that are proven to work.

Armed with this coaching, you can radically transform your success in business. In just 30 days.

You can choose to train with 4 key activities in DM:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Building Websites for ROI
  4. Competitor Analysis.


You benefit from 2 training options:

  1. Take DM Masterclass Coaching and do everything yourself
  2. Take DM Masterclass Coaching + Hand-holding Guidance to make your team confident of execution

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs This Masterclass Training

You can’t navigate new territory with an old map

One of the biggest problems in DM is dated and iffy knowledge.

The discipline is dynamic and changes too fast for professionals to keep up with it.

On average the technologies change every three months.

Practices change every other year. Processes change too.

We know because that’s how often we change our strategies.

Past training and certifications are of little use in this chaotic, ever-changing landscape.

The result is that you end up with concepts which were once good but don’t work now.

Navigating new territory with an old map combined with poor processes is perfect recipe for grief, not growth.


You need to see the whole elephant before you tame it

Most professionals know some digital marketing. Great!

They are exposed to bits and parts of it.

The problem is that the parts do not make it whole.

A holistic understanding of digital marketing backed by well-defined processes is what you need for success, not just isolated bits of process-uncoordinated knowledge.

What’s worse, your knowledge and process are probably already dated, to be of any good to you.

The result is that your investments do not always translate into growth.

The question is: Would you like to accelerate your learning for business growth?


You are bootstrapped for success

As a Manager in charge of DM, you have strict KPIs to meet. You are forever anxious to beat the next quarter’s targets.

But your team is still raw. Your resources are too few. Your budget is cramped. You begin to look for magic bullets.

You have two choices before you.

  • Learn, read, reflect, implement. Fall, bruise, get up, tweak, experiment. Fall again, spend some more, learn, read…. ad nauseum. Till wisdom finds you.
  • Or, short circuit the process in one swoop and get the best DM wisdom on your side, without any of this bother.

With the former, you could take forever to learn, if at all. You would have lost both time, money and opportunity in the bargain.

With the latter, you could eliminate grief and achieve growth fast.


You have been scarred by past digital marketing efforts

Past digital marketing battles have left you badly bruised.

You are hungry for results that you don’t currently enjoy.

The refrain is endless: FB doesn’t work. PPC is too expensive. Cold email brings awful results.  Social media marketing fetches marginal results, if at all.

You are fed up – DM is a black box without clear answers.

Worse, there are too many gurus inundating the web, with too many ideas.

So who do you believe? If you are not wary, you beget grief. You’ve already experienced some of that.

Your growth plans are stymied for want of clear marketing ideas.

You need to fuel your business growth. Are you ready?

4 Objectives To Fuel Your Success In Business

Fuel Your Business Growth With Digital Marketing

  1. Identify the gaps in your digital marketing
  2. Show you different ways to iron out the problems
  3. Arm yourself with a precise roadmap to achieve your sales goals
  4. Scale your growth to success in 30 days

8 Powerful Gains That’ll Radically Transform Your Business Success In 30 Days

In this Fuel Your Business Growth Masterclass by Pigtail Pundits, you will learn breakthrough digital marketing growth practices and processes.

Picture yourself:

  1. With 100% clarity in digital marketing
  2. Being able to write compelling messages
  3. Boosting your conversions and getting leads with ease
  4. Nurturing your prospects and getting them to buy
  5. Lifting your content for authority and trust before selling
  6. Generating ideas to beat your competition at their game
  7. Driving more targeted traffic to your properties at lower cost
  8. Saving money, precious time, and leveraging more opportunities

Who Can Benefit From This Business Transformation?

The Fuel Your Business Growth Masterclass is ideal for:

  1. Large companies with in-house DM Teams, who need to raise their lead/sales performance to wholly new levels.
    You are a SaaS company, an Engineering/ Industrial/ Manufacturing Company, a Digital Marketing Agency, or a Service-based business.
  2. Professional Managers who wish to dramatically beat their KPIs for Leads and Business Growth
  3. Entrepreneurs who wish to make a product out of their offerings and market it without making expensive marketing mistakes
  4. Startups who seek to optimize limited resources to get the best bang for their buck in Digital Marketing

5 Masterclass Packages That’ll Transform Your Success

We have put together 5 Digital Marketing Masterclass Packages that will fuel your growth faster.

Included in each package are the Live Webinar Masterclass + Comprehensive Notes + To Do Templates.


Building Content + Websites for ROI: 5 hrs, Rs 37,500

  • How digital marketing works: 3 hrs
  • How to build websites for ROI: 2 hours


LG1: Scaling Leads with PPC or FB: 10 hrs, Rs 70,000
Lead Generation Package 1

  • How digital marketing works: 3 hrs
  • Art of PPC Strategy/ or FB Strategy for ROI: 4 hrs
  • The Art of Competitive Strategy To Get Results: 3 hrs


LG2: Scaling Leads with Google Ads + FB + Cold Email: 20 hrs, Rs 130,000
Lead Generation Package 2

  • How digital marketing works: 3 hrs
  • Art of FB Strategy for ROI: 4 hrs
  • Art of Google Ads Strategy for ROI: 5 hrs
  • How to scale using Cold Email: 4 hrs
  • The Art of Competitive Strategy To Get Results: 4 hrs


Content Marketing for Results: 10 hours, Rs 70,000

  • How digital marketing works: 3 hrs
  • The Art of Keyword Research: 4 hours
  • Content Marketing: Search, Content, Social: 3 hrs


Content + Copywriting Models for B2B: 10 hrs, Rs 70,000

  • How digital marketing works: 3 hrs
  • Copy framework with examples: 2 hrs
  • Keyword Research: 3 hrs
  • Models for all content writing: 2 hrs

Check out the details of what you will learn in each Fuel Your Business Growth Masterclass here.

What Is Your Investment In Success?

Think of the price you pay now 

You burn ₹₹₹₹₹₹ for poor returns.
You lose time that you can ill afford.
Your launch sputters, dies.
Your plans are shelved.
Your hopes get dashed.
Your competition surges ahead of you.
You cede precious market share.
You squander a once pedigreed reputation.

Is all this grief worth it?

Especially, when there is a better way?

Invest to profit, now.

For up to 4-person teams, the group rate for the Masterclass Training is:

  1. Rs 200,000* for 35 hours, over 3 months
  2. Rs 130,000* for 20 hours, over 2 months
  3. Rs 70,000* for up to 10 hours per month
  4. Rs 37,500 for up to 5 hours per month

*Taxes are extra.
There are no individual rates. For larger team rates, check the pricing below.

Wish To Train Larger DM Teams For Success?

Choose your Team Plan
For larger team sizes, the investments are as below. These are group rates, not indvidual rates.

  1. For 5-10 person-teams, you will invest Rs 48,750 + taxes for 5 hrs
  2. For 11-15 person-teams, you will invest Rs 56,250 + taxes for 5 hrs
  3. For 16-20 person-teams, you will invest Rs 62,625 + taxes for 5 hrs
  4. For 21-50 person-teams, you will invest Rs 75,000 + taxes for 5 hrs
  5. If your team size is more than 50+, enquire with us for special rates.

Need A Recording of the Masterclass Webinar?
Rs 3,000 for every 2 hours of recording.


  1. All payments are 100% in advance.
  2. You will receive up to 60 minutes FREE, one-time briefing and intro meeting, on top of the 5/ 10 hours of pure value that you buy.
  3. The minimum commitment is just one-month, or 5 hours, as you prefer. The recommended period is at least 3 months, or 15 hrs, but that’s up to you.
  4. This training program is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you cancel it after the first session of 3 hours, for whatever reason. You stand to lose nothing and gain everything through this program.

This Program is open to just 4 select clients, each month. We cannot take on more.

Get Experts To Hand-hold You To Success

You’re savvy with digital marketing principles and the processes to execute plans because of Masterclass Coaching.


But you’re not confident that your team can quite pull this off on their own. We have a guidance plan that hand-holds your team.

Check out what we can do with the Guidance Plan.

What can we guide you on?

Website Strategy
Content, Website, Paid Promotions

Blogs, Landing Pages, Case Studies, FAQs, Lead Magnets, Email Sequences, PPC/ FB Ads, Sales Funnels

Layouts, Visual Rhythm, Image relevance, Icons

Server setup, site migration, email automation setup, FB/ Google Ads Set Up, Pixel and Tracking setup, etc

How much do you have to invest in this guidance?

Buy 10 hr refillable packages for just Rs 30,000.

Use it for over 90 days, or sooner. Top it off when it depletes.

No long-term commitments. The minimum commitment is for just 10 hrs.

A highly experienced Strategy, Content and Tech Team from Pigtail Pundits will vet your work, answer your doubts, clarify issues, and advise you on the fastest path to success.

No execution by us is envisaged here.

Note: All masterclasses and guidance sessions are delivered online over Zoom. We are happy and flexible to accommodate your time on this.

Why Is This Business Growth Masterclass So Special?

Discover the 5 Reasons That Make This DM Program Exclusive from Pigtail Pundits.

Buy into a flexible program

You get to train on high-growth, proven-to-work DM Masterclass Training that we have tested with clients and on our own projects.

Post the training, we are happy to guide you on specific problems, execution, or processes to help you succeed.

There is simply no program in DM like this one on the market.


Benefit from 36 years of marketing failures and success

Get 23 years of undimmed online evangelism.

Plus 13 passionate years in mainstream advertising working on large MNC accounts.

We have learned from both failures and success.

Use our expertise to work with your brand. Distil the wisdom from 750+ online marketing projects executed for clients in 10 countries. Get it on your side.

Plus, get everything we know about online success unloaded to you without reservation. We are keen that you succeed in what you do and are 100% committed to that.


Get ready-to-fire wisdom in easy to consume modules

We have spent 1000s of hours and $$$$$$ reading, reflecting, teaching, practicing, training, experimenting, failing, tweaking and wrestling with marketing problems.

You get the benefit of all this wisdom in Live Masterclass Webinars over Zoom + Live Q&As or via email + Actionable PDF Notes that distill years of practice into a few pages.

Plus, experts at hand to hand hold your team while they execute the strategies and plans for success.

This simply means that you don’t have to squander precious money, or lose time that you can’t reclaim, or trash opportunities that the Universe sends your way.


Get proven-to-work ideas for success

One of the secrets to our longevity in digital marketing is that we don’t engage in flash-in-the-pan marketing.

All that you’ll learn from us are solutions that we implement, based on sound fundamentals of marketing.

All programs are tested first on ourselves, and then on our clients.

You will use the exact same tools, processes and insights that we do. This springs from a thorough understanding of the subject and how customers buy.


Back your purchase with an iron-clad, 100% money-back guarantee

We’re 100% confident that you will find our Fuel Your Business Growth Program of enormous value to your brand.

That’s why we’re happy to put our money where our mouth is.

When you book our Fuel Your Business Growth Program, you can rest assured that you stand to lose nothing, or risk anything, for trying it out.

Feel free to cancel it after consuming 3 hours of the Masterclass Program, or after the first session. Get a full, no-questions-asked refund immediately.

Buy This Masterclass Program In 3 Steps

Fuel Your Business Growth With Digital Marketing

  1. Give us call on +91 983 307 1725 to explain your DM problems
  2. Take our recommendation for training modules + guidance
  3. Buy, train, implement. And watch your business succeed.


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What Clients Say

The Fuel Your Business Growth Masterclass is a complete eye-opener. 

For large companies, like the one I work for, this is a new way to think about Digital Marketing.

I now need to relook at everything we do with a new lens. I returned to my job with renewed hope and enthusiasm. 
Plus, I am armed with sure-fire strategies, processes, and a holistic direction to my digital marketing that was just not available till now.

Read more

Who Delivers This Success Masterclass?

Krishnan Unni, Founder & Director at Pigtail Pundits, helps you understand what is right or wrong with your Digital Marketing and how to transform it for success.

He draws from 36+ years in marketing communications. This includes 23+ years of online expertise in managing 750+ marketing projects for businesses in India, the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and the UAE.

Prior to the web, Unni was in mainstream advertising for 13 years. He has developed communications for some of India’s top brands including: P&G, Panasonic, Dupont, Indian Oil, HSBC Cards, DHL, The Times of India brands, VST, The Indian Express brands, and more.

Unni is first and foremost a student and an accomplished practitioner of marketing. Then, an insightful teacher who breaks down complex marketing concepts into easy action steps.

He has taught and guided people, for as long as he can remember, in advertising, the web, creatives, programming and more.

The essence of 36 years of marketing communications practice is being shared with you to ensure your Digital Marketing success. Talk to Unni and experience this.

View Business Coaching Success in Action

Take a look at this Masterclass for Marketing Pros, Directors, and Business Owners.

We had the privilege of talking on How to build websites for ROI to over 100 folks.

Download this PDF of the Presentation on 26 September 2020.

This will give you an idea of the value you will get from the Consulting Services we offer.

We did 2 sessions for the Realtors Association.
Session 1: How to market Real Estate Better
Session 2: Lead Generation for Realtors

You can check out the session we had with the Squad Ninja Group on FB, when COVID 19 had just hit us. Here we talk about how businesses will have to pivot during the tough times ahead of all of us.

You can call Unni on +91 983 307 1725 and speak with him on your DM problems.

He will be happy to suggest the best way forward without any obligations.

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