Your hectic city life affects you in many ways

The pulls and pressures of your work pummel your health constantly.

The pollution, the grime, the dust, and the noise, conspire to erode it, irreparably.

You need the time to unwind and renew your energies, to stay on top of your work, family, and life.

You need professionals to guide you on nutrition, detox, Ayurveda, and yoga. You need wellness consultants who understand your needs. You need experts who will happily tailor a programme fit for your body type and lifestyle.

Embrace the Dharana Way of Life

Stay healthy. Eat wholesomely. Live, immersed in Nature. Engage in stimulating wellness and nature activities that lift the spirit.

Acres of paradise await your wellbeing.

Steal some time off your hectic schedule.

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with a refreshing spa experience at the Shillim Retreat. Set out on a 3 or 5 nights wellness journey to help you unwind and connect with your soul.

Take advantage of the various wellness experiences to detox your body. Trek to challenge your body. Benefit from yoga and meditation. Relish cuisine that nurtures you from within.

Wake up to birdsong. View the grandeur of the Sahyadris from the private deck of your villa.

Celebrate good health at exclusive rates of Rs 25,125 per person per night, and Rs 33,375 per couple per night, at the Spa Villa.

Taxes extra. Check out dates applicable.

Enjoy wellness at The Elixir of Shillim Life3 nights5 nights
Detox Herbal Supplement set11
Nutritional Consultations11
Ayurveda / Naturopathy / Yogic Consultation11
Shillim Trek / Pottery / Nature Walking12
Personalized Yogic / Meditation / Pranayama Sessions35
Iridology Analysis-1
Ananda Blessing Massage11
Cupping Therapy11
Sahyadri Experience11
Vanoushadhi Scrub-1
Hot Stone Massage-1
Take home advice kit11
All inclusive, special rates per individualRs. 75,375*Rs. 1,25,625*
All inclusive, special rates per coupleRs. 1,00,125*Rs. 1,66,875*

*Taxes extra as applicable

The experts and the inspiration are on stand by.

At Shillim, you get the opportunity to meet with experts in holistic healing, Ayurveda, nutrition, spirituality, and other wellness disciplines.

Dr. Arun Pillai, Director of Spa & Wellness.

Dr. Arun Pillai – Director of Spa & Wellness, has more than fifteen years of professional expertise in Health, Spa and Wellness Sciences. He is experienced in directing and operating world-class spas across South East Asia, India, Middle East, Africa, India, and Caribbean and has implemented traditional holistic knowledge into globally renowned brands. He specializes in following an integrative holistic approach by correcting lifestyle and preventing disease with the use of advanced diagnostics and exhaustive patient assessment.

Shubhendu Kadam, Executive Chef.

Chef Shubhendu Kadam – Executive Chef, has developed an expertise in Wellness Cuisines and Spa Menus with his experience spanning over twenty years.

His journey across hospitality and wellness has been a great influence in his cooking style and is clearly a reflection of his own belief and passion towards wellness. At Shillim, he implements the science of nutrition with super foods that detoxify and cleanse the body, quashing the notion that Wellness Cuisine is tasteless and uninteresting. Chef Shubhendu has a profound understanding of the overall sensory experience that “Farm to Table” cuisine offers for preventing chronic disease, healthy weight loss, and eating for energy.

Read what customers say about the Hilton Estate Retreat & Spa.

It is located in a beautiful hill on a large area. It has got beautiful cottages inside dense foliage.

The cottages have everything required for a nice holiday.

You have various amenities available at different hillocks. There is availability of Nano cars on call for taking to various locations. It has got very lively swimming pool, a separate pool for kids. A very good SPA.

A good library. Facilities for learning umbrella painting & clay pottery. Cycling tracks. Yoga classes & bird watching activity is also available. Nice and sumptuous food available. Had Fun & enjoyed our stay.


How to get to the Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa?

The drive from Mumbai to Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway takes
less than 3 hours. The drive from Pune takes 1.5 hours. It’s 45-minutes from Lonavala, off the Expressway.

9 Reasons to choose the Elixir of Shillim Life.

  • Vanaushadhi Scrub
  • Swedish, or Balinese Massage
  • Mukhalepam for facial
  • Personalized Yoga in your room
  • Personalized Pranayama in your room
  • Personalized meditation session in your room
  • Foot Reflexology treatment
  • Head, Neck, and Back Massage
  • Jungle Trek

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