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Turn Your Tech Degree Into Your Freedom Ticket

You have worked hard for a degree in computers… B.Tech, BE, MCA, BSc IT.

You have 3 difficult choices before you.

  1. Join the shaky bench at a large software company and while away your life
  2. Lose sleep on jobs that don’t don’t materialize
  3. Take any job that you get and end up miserable


But, you can break out of this vicious cycle…

If you are willing to do whatever it takes. Happy to toil hard now to make life easier later?

Join this exclusive, front-end web developer masterclass and take charge of your career.

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Online Masterclass Opens 19 February 2021. Limited seats.

Monetize Your Future & Recession Proof Your Career

Grow from newbie to ninja web developer in just 20 weeks.

Go From:

  • I don’t have a portfolio
  • I have no experience
  • I am struggling to get a job that pays
  • My future is bleak
  • I’m waiting for Covid to end…



  • This is my portfolio. It turns heads.
  • These are my skills. My friends with more years in the business can’t measure up.
  • These are the projects and job offers I have on hand. Smile.
  • I’m tossing with ideas: Is taking up a job or freelancing the best fit for me
  • People complain about uncertainty but my problem is time

Download the Detailed Brochure

Online Masterclass Opens 19 February 2021. Limited seats.

Grab 10 Bonuses Worth Rs 300,000, For FREE

Rapidly monetize your front-end development skills.

Sell complete solutions to business, even if you are in a job.

Leverage freelance paying opportunities to earn double or triple what your day job pays you.


Bonus 1: Value Rs 50,000

Build your own world-class, CMS-powered website with premium assets and money-can’t-buy guidance. Host it with us for free for your 1st year.


Bonus 2: Value Rs 60,000

Learn all the skills needed to promote your website like a pro-digital marketer for leads.


Bonus 3: Value Rs 60,000

Learn how to install, configure, customize and sell 10 premium, in-demand, apps that businesses need now.


Bonus 4: Value Rs 50,000

Join our private support forum. Ask questions. Partner with Tech and Creative professionals. Quote on gigs for clients.


Bonus 5: Value Rs 30,000

Learn to write tech and design proposals like a pro to bag the projects you want.


Bonus 6: Value Rs 50,000

Learn how to build, theme, and connect Shopify Stores & Apps for Immediate Monetization.


Grab Bonuses of Rs 300,000 Value For Free before it disappears.

Download the Detailed Brochure

Online Masterclass Opens 19 February 2021. Limited seats.

What you will learn

Pack 600+ hours of live training, reading and practice that no other front-end developer course offers you.

Register for this exclusive training for front-end web developers from Pigtail Pundits.

  • Basic to Advanced HTML and HTML 5: 9 hrs

    1.5 hr per session. 6 lectures, 9 hours.
    HTML is the most in-demand skill. Clients and employers use it as a basis to judge the expertise of a front-end developer. Mastering HTML will help you work faster and more efficiently.

    Kick-start your front-end developer training by learning basic and advanced HTML.

  • CSS and CSS3: 10.5 hrs

    1.5 hr per session. 7 lectures, 10.5 hours.

    Make visually attractive websites. Add and edit style elements. Control the overall presentation and layout of your website.

    Learn how to do all this, with CSS3.

  • Basics of Design & UX: 3 hrs

    1.5 hr per session. 2 lectures, 3 hrs.

    Learn world-class UX and Design Skills that will make your design look wow and make it friendly for your users.

  • Bootstrap 4: 9 hours

    1.5 hr per session. 6 lectures. 9 hours.

    Deliver attractive and functional websites quickly. Bootstrap framework lets you use HTML and CSS based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, tables, navigation, modals, images, etc.

    Bootstrap is the quick and easy way to develop impressive websites.

  • Basic to Advanced PHP: 9 hrs

    1.5 hr per session. 6 lectures. 9 hours.

    PHP is a general purpose, server-side scripting language that runs on a web server that is designed to make dynamic pages and applications. PHP is easy to learn and quick to implement.

    Master basics and advanced PHP in 9 hours, as part of this course.

  • Basic to Advanced JavaScript: 6 hrs

    1.5 hr per session. 4 lectures. 6 hours.

    Javascript helps you make dynamic, interactive websites and web applications easily. It is one of the most in-demand skills employers look for in front end developers.

    Learn everything, right from the basics to advanced modules of Java Script.

  • Processwire CMS. 7 hrs.

    The most apt description of Processwire according to us is – WordPress’s cooler but not-so-popular cousin. Anyone who has used both WP and PW, will agree with us.

    It’s super easy to learn and is extremely efficient.

    Learn and master everything about this CMS of the future.

  • Wordpress CMS: 9 hrs

    1.5 hr per session. 6 lectures. 9 hours.

    Easy. Efficient. Extremely in-demand.

    Brush up your WP skills. And become an expert in 9 hours, as part of this course.

  • Basics of SEO: 9 hrs

    1.5hr per session. 2 sessions. 3 hrs

    Stand out from the crowd. Add an extra skill in your resume. Impress employers and land a job faster than your peers.

    Learn the basics of SEO and master the art of making SEO-friendly websites.

  • Basics of Digital Marketing: 10 hrs

    2 hr per session. 5 sessions. 10 hrs

    Why stop at just making websites and web applications?

    Learn the art of marketing your websites online: Website builds, Lead Generation, Social Media, Content Marketing.

    Be that ‘cool new employee with some kickass marketing ideas.’

    Learn the basics of Digital Marketing.

  • Projects: 40+ hours of practical training

    1. Build your own HTML/ CSS framework driven website
      2 sessions, 3 hrs
    2. Build your own CMS powered site
      Wordpress, ProcessWire 2 sessions, 3 hrs
      Install the best plugins, themes for WordPress and Processwire: SEO, Forms, Content Construction, Gallery, eCommerce Site, Real Estate Site, Directory, Performance Optimization: 3 hrs
    3. Build a website using Jamstack
      Javascript. 2 sessions, 3 hrs
    4. Theme and build a Shopify Store + Build Mobile Apps
      2 sessions, 3 hrs
    5. Play with 10 business Apps
      10 sessions: 20 hrs
    6. Install, modify the theme to match the brand, train customers, monetize fast.
      Premium CRM, Premium Learning Management System, Complete YouTube Marketing Script, Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO package, Premium Chat & Messenger Bot, Premium eCommerce Application, Comprehensive School Management System, Premium Forum & Community Discussion, Marketing Automation System and Autoresponders, Theme a Shopify Store and build mobile apps for the store.
    7. Prepare professional quotes
      For Programming & Web Design project [3 hrs]
    8. Create contractual and process documents for tech work [3 hrs]
    9. Create a digital promotion plan for a client [3 hrs]
    10. Learn UX and Design Aesthetics [3 hrs]

  • Reading

    Books galore that will skyrocket your understanding of Front-end web development, enhance your skills, and put you in front of the job queue. Quickly.

    Curated Books, Videos and Tutorials on

    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Bootstrap Framework
    • Modular CSS
    • JS
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • Linux
    • UX & Design Aesthetics
    • Copywriting
    • Social Media
    • Google PPC
    • FB Ads

  • Additional Tools & Resources at our Private Forum

    Chock full, constantly updated curated tools and resources that will save you a ton of time and energy.

    1. Tech Resources
      • HTML5, CSS3, JS Tutorials, Tools, Books…
      • PHP, MySQL based CMS
      • New age API-based CMSs
    2. Online PR
    3. Online Marketing
    4. Web Design
    5. Writing To Sell
    6. Behavioral Design
    7. SEO
    8. Content Marketing
    9. PPC & Native Ads
    10. Branding
    11. Gigs, Jobs and Opportunities

Sign Up For This Live Interactive Training

Course opens 15 January 2021. Limited to only 20 seats

Head-To-Head Comparison With Other Courses

13 Activities, Exclusive To This Front-End Web Developer Training by Pigtail Pundits.

Activity Pigtail Pundits
FE Developer
FE Developer
Live Training by Experienced Practitioners, not just teachers Yes No
120+ hrs of live, online classes with Q&A Yes No
50+ books to learn from to enhance your skills and foundation in front-end web programming Yes No
Practical builds of your own website in HTML/CSS/JS, WordPress, Processwire and Jamstack Yes No
Host one site for free for one year Yes No
Practice with 10, in-demand business apps that you can monetize and underwrite you course fees with. Sell just one project and recover your entire course fees. Yes No
Digital Marketing Basic Training [Social, Content, SEO, and Lead Generation by India’s leading digital marketing agency] Yes No
Design Aesthetics Training by Visual UX Designer Yes No
Business Contracts and Processes Training with Templates Yes No
Client Expectation Management Yes No
Business Proposal Writing Training with Templates Yes No
Access to Private, Paid Forum for Q&A/ Resources: Books, Processes, Tools and Best Practices/ Opportunities & Gigs Yes No
Paid Project Opportunities with Pigtail Pundits on Indian and International Projects Yes No

Download the Detailed Brochure

Online Masterclass Opens 19 February 2021. Limited seats.

Your Investments For This Exclusive Live Training

How long will you put up with struggle and lack of opportunity?

  • You’re one of the many people with a degree in computer programming but no employable skills. Or a portfolio of work.
  • You apply for web development jobs but everyone asks to see your experience
  • You send proposals to clients for freelance gigs but none reply
  • You lack confidence in job interviews and client meetings
  • You always struggle to write code. Maybe programming is not for you
  • Clients or your manager finds faults in your work all the time
  • You are intensely unhappy with your job.

Picture yourself as a confident front-end developer blessed with abundance.

  • You’re industry-ready with all the skills employers and clients are looking for.
  • Clients and employers approach you for work.
  • Clients happily recommend you to others.
  • You have plenty of high-paying freelance projects.
  • You can write complex CSS/ HTML/ JS code, without struggle
  • Clients and colleagues are in awe of your UI development skills, attention to detail, aesthetics, and marketing pizzaz
  • You love what you do.

Grab 600+ hrs of intense training for just Rs 30,000 + taxes.

No hidden extras.

Get 25% Off, or Save Rs 7500, NOW!

Early Bird Offer: Book this training for just Rs 22,500 + taxes before 10 February 2021.

9 Unique Reasons to Join This Front-end Web Technology Developer Training

This is the only program that combines independent survival techniques with your front-end web developer core subjects.

  1. This is the only course that packs 600+ of intense training. Includes 120+ hours of live training, 200+ hours of concentrated reading, 400+ hours of focussed practice.
  2. This is the only course that has been systematically structured, tested and tweaked for success with 100s of trainees, on 750+ projects, for 18+ years at Pigtail Pundits.
  3. This course will help you master HTML5/ CSS3/ JS skills that employers will gladly pay for
  4. This is the only course that cuts your time to build world-class apps with WordPress and ProcessWire CMS.
  1. Learn ten, in-demand, off-the-shelf business apps. Add it to your portfolio and expertise.
  2. Learn how to build Shopify Stores and Apps.
  3. Learn basic Digital Marketing skills to become a well-rounded, independent front-end developer with enough paying gigs and/or a job.
  4. Get learning of Rs 300,000 value, for just an investment of Rs 30,000.
  5. Network with writers, tech professionals, designers and clients to take on profitable gigs in India and abroad.

Download the Detailed Brochure

Online Masterclass Opens 19 February 2021. Limited seats.

Join this Exclusive Front-End Web Developer Training

  1. Get 25% OFF Early Bird Discount. Book before 10 February 2021 for just Rs 30,000 Rs 22,500 + taxes.
  2. Grab 600+ hours of training + bonuses worth Rs 300,000 Value that no one else offers
  3. Learn from practitioners who pack 148+ years web expertise + 750 projects under their belt
  4. Zoom away to your dream job, or start your own business


Have questions about this course?

Download the detailed brochure first. Find all your answers in the FAQs. Course Curriculum explained. Bonuses detailed. Opportunities explored.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us your query here. We will reply within 48 hours.


Register for the Live Q&A on 7 February 2021

Join us at the Live Q&A to ask all your questions, meet with the trainers and learn more about this Exclusive Front-end Web Developer Training. 11:00 am IST, 7 February 2021.

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  2. Grab 300,000 worth of bonuses
  3. Fly away to your dream job
  4. Or start your own business

And register for the Live Q&A on 7th Feb 2021 at 11am IST.

Grab the FREE Brochure for Exclusive Front-end Web Developer Training from Pigtail Pundits.

Join us for a live Q&A on 7th Feb 2021 at 11am IST

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